Our Company

~Get more out of IT!~

C-naptic Solutions Ltd is an Enterprise Applications and Software Systems Provider registered in Nigeria.
We focus on making technology work for our clients by delivering systems and applications that will simplify their business processes, enhance their IT infrastructure and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Vision Statement

"Our Declaration"
Our Vision

We help organizations and individuals efficiently run their business by providing specific and targeted IT solutions and systems

Mission Statement

"Why we Exist"
Our Mission

C-naptic exists to provide business agility to corporate organizations using unmatched IT systems and software

Core Values

"Who we Are"

“Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstone" ~ Patrick Lencioni ...more

Our Services

Targeted solutions and services that help you simplify your business processes and enhance your IT infrastructure.

Server Virtualization & Consolidation

Reduce server sprawl by consolidating your server hardware with virtualization.

Our Vision

With server virtualization and consolidation you can make your business more efficient by increasing your virtual machine (VM) provisioning time, reducing your IT CapEX and OpEX costs and automating your datacenter.

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Enterprise Application Software

Organizations require purpose-built software to enable them efficiently run their business processes.

Our Mission

Our suite of enterprise application softwares (EAS) are designed to empower your employees and individual users to create a smarter and more capable organization allowing you to get more from your IT investment..

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Hardware & Software Services

Solutions that are built using software that is integrated into powerful customized hardware.


Servers, PC's, Laptops, Desktops, Printers

Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Technical Support & Consulting

We provide you with high-value support and consulting services that will improve your business.

Our Mission

IT Support & Maintenance

IT Consulting

Network Audit & Design


We have highly skilled resources that specialize in Pre-sales, Technical and Post-Sales.




Strategic Partnerships

We work with a large number of OEMs from a wide range of industries.

These strategic partnerships are the critical element to meeting our vision of providing business agility to corporate organizations using unmatched IT systems and software.

Enterprise Application Software (EAS) Suite


C-naptic partners with a number of OEMs to deliver, implement and manage these applications.
Our Enterprise Application Software (EAS) suite includes;

Core Values


Efficiency and Effectiveness
We seek effective and efficient ways and produce better results faster and with fewer resources.

Business Agility

We respond rapidly to changes in our internal and external environment without losing our momentum or vision.


We know what we stand for and we constantly work on discerning and acting on what is right.

Customer Satisfaction

We constantly work on meeting and surpassing our customer’s expectation and always deliver on our promises.